Exhibition preparation, photos by Tanja Kanazir

With this workshop we have marked the 4th year of the program Benčić Youth Council. Before the workshop and the exhibition we have prepared a poster the was designed by Lotte Keijzer. Besides being a poster and a booklet, it served also as a photographing prop!

During the two-day workshop, during which we prepared our exhibition, we have decided to showcase our work in a different way. Our collaborators, Radio Roža, Petra Dolenec and Damir Šporčić have helped us to present our workshops through radio show, music and V. J.-ing.

You can listen to our radio show that we made during our preparation:

Exhibition opening, photos by Tanja Kanazir

Our exhibition was a one-day event this year. We interpreted our workshops through video projections, children were D.J.s with prepared sets adn we had a presentation of our firs exition of VMB fanzin!

The same as in previous years, children also chose the best educatior and artist amog our collaborators. This year the best artists were Una Rebić and Metod Blejec and educator Nataša Antulov.

The goal of this workshop and exhibition is to present the BYC work, but more importantly that children experience the position of culture creator and how moch work and types of work it involves.

Workshop and 4th Benčić Youth Council annual exhibition 
Workshop, 13th – 14th January 2018 | Exhibition , 15th January 2018

  • Una Grozdanov
  • Lovro Kegalj
  • Dunja Savarin
  • Ema Juriša
  • Anika Juriša
  • Antea Miše
  • Roman Matić
  • Ivano Magzan
  • Eleonora Chersi

  • Petra Dolenec
  • Damjan Šporčić
  • Radio Roža
    • Davor Popdankovski
    • Davor Margan
    • Bruno Butorac

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