Poster of the 3rd Annual Benčić Youth Council Exhibition was made in collaboration with the designer Leo Kirinčić and is an attempt to have several functions united in one object. The poster can be put together like an origami in a shape of a house what makes it interactive and in accordance with the principles of VMB – fun, educational, interactive and challenging. If you have difficulty in folding the origami, we made an educational video with which you will surely come to a successful outcome.

Duration of the activity: 15 – 30 min

About the idea:

Educational materials were made during the preparation for the 3rd Annual Benčić Youth Council Exhibition. The past two exhibition poster were made as leaflets and posters of the exhibition, but this time our desire was to make it more interactive and more attractive to children.  Designer Leo Kirinčić helped us to achieve that. He was inspired with our logo and the work in 2016 that was associated with the launch of the project and the construction of the Children’s House (workshop Summer school “A Place for Me – A Place for Us“).