Workshop “Intercultural Dialogue III” as part of the Benčić Youth Council Project, was held on October 1st 2016 in the RiHUB space, Ivana Grohovca, Rijeka. This time we used cooking, and even international cooking – we prepared a meal together with national minorities at the event ” Bakanalije – baka nije odavde!”.
The event was organized by students that are a part of the Association “Cultural Studies Initiative” in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020.
The aim of this event and our workshop was to bring closer minority cultures, in Rijeka there are more than 20, to a wider audience through making and eating their traditional dishes.
During the event Benčić Youth Council has prepared a three-course meal, the Macedonian Šopska salad, Ukrainian pirogues and Dutch pancakes. In addition, we spent time with the Serbian national minority learning how to make proja (their version of corn bread).
We hereby thank from the heart Tihomir Tutek, Aleksandra Mihajlovska and Lote Keijzer for their patience in sharing their knowledge of their national cuisines with children and for opening new culinary worlds to them.

Number of participants: 10
Collaborators: Organizers of the event „Bakanalije – baka nije odavde! “, Tihomir Tutek, Aleksandra Mihajlovska, Lote Keijzer, Maja Bosić
Location: RiHUB, Ivana Grohovca 1A, Rijeka

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