Fotografije: Tanja Kanazir

Workshop “Pop-up Playground”, a part of the Benčić Youth Council project, was held on September 23rd 2017. We have organized this type of workshop several times and we have created a program line through which we address various topics like conquering public space for children with an emphasis on green areas, free play, traditional open-air games and similar.

The autumn edition of this years’ Art Bazaar was linked to the opening of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the restored building in the Rikard Benčić complex. In the park in front of the building we gathered and occupied the public turning it into a play and social area. This time we were practicing juggling, we made preparatory games with real juggling balls and eventually juggled in a group. We’ve also tried Chinese jump rope and skipping ropes!

Number of participants

LOCATION: Benčić, Rijeka

Age: 5 – 13 years old